Meet Anthony

A Conservative Fighter for Florida

As a lifelong Lake County resident, Anthony is firmly invested in our community and will tackle our issues in Tallahassee. Anthony will fight for traditional American values and will always put Floridians’ needs above political correctness. Anthony will represent the people’s voice at our state capitol and fight for us.

Quote - Central Florida Post, 1/17/2018

Community Leader

  • Infantry Officer, Florida Army National Guard for 10 years and currently serving
  • Lifetime NRA Member
  • City Commissioner, Eustis
  • Graduated with a BA and Law Degree from the University of Florida
  • Board Member, Lake County Elder Affairs Council
  • Board Member, Boys & Girls Club of Lake County


Fighting for Florida

  • Increase funding for vocational training for a skilled workforce
  • Drastically increase transparency and accountability in government
  • Emphasize the teaching of civics in K-12 education
  • Ban sanctuary cities
  • Rein in lawless judges and restore the rule of law
  • Promote and protect religious liberty at every cost
  • Eliminate government restrictions in our economy
  • Pass term limits for ALL politicians

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