Anthony Sabatini A Political Super Hero

Lake County Political Super Hero Strikes A Chord Few Are Willing To Voice…

What voter in Lake County Florida hasn’t heard about, or read about Anthony Sabatini; the young, energetic and forward thinking Eustis City Commissioner. The name Sabatini will ring true in the hearts and minds of Lake County and State voters in the very near future. Sabatini may very possibly be being scouted by major league players at the local and state levels. I have no doubt that the opposition and wanna be local political power elites, can do little more than scratch their aging heads and wish they could voice their agenda with the same knowledge and passion.

Anthony Sabatini —

Was born in 1988, Anthony Sabatini at age 28 is the youngest commissioner of the five Eustis City Commissioners. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida in 2012, with a double major in History and Philosophy. He is commissioned as an infantry officer in the Florida Army National Guard. A member of the National Guard since 2008, he currently serves as Executive Officer of an Infantry Company in Ocala, FL.

This past weekend I was able to sit down with Mr. Sabatini for close to 2 hours. We spoke about a multitude of topics ranging from his first inspirations of becoming a politician which occurred while riding a subway in New York City. His thoughts on the current state of affairs locally, state wide and nationally. This is one intelligent individual. Naturally we talked about the effort to sabotage his election by invalidating his residency. A failed attempt that cost the good citizens of the City of Eustis approximately $20,000 that could have been better spent educating some community leaders on the Constitution.

Then there were his comments regarding Confederate Statues. A comment that has brought statewide attention to the City of Eustis, which no doubt does not sit well with narrow minded career type politicians. They prefer the status-quo, evident from the lack of the same passion and openness of their younger counterpart.

Most are well aware Anthony Sabatini struck a chord with his candor on Social Media (Facebook). Rather than speak for or against Mr. Sabatini you can read his comments and the numerous responses yourself. And, if you missed all the hoop-la there is plenty to find on the internet.

Some recent articles you may have missed:

The list goes on, search for yourself. All have a common theme; that Sabatini should not be “Rocking the Boat” and should be a part of the political status-quo. Sorry but Americans are over the status-quo. None of these articles had the response rate or the exposure of Social Media. They just don’t GET IT…

What are the real numbers? According to Internet World Stats, who produces current statistical Internet usage data and population figures for over 233 countries and world regions, there are an estimated 286,942,362 Internet users in the USA as of Mar.31, 2017, a 87.9% penetration rate. Florida has an estimated 14,764,418 Internet users as of June 10. Of those there are an estimated 9,370,620 Facebook users, and potential voters. Social Media is here to stay for good or bad, it has become a daily experience, and according to Facebook the average user spends 50 minutes per day reading and posting! I know of nobody who reads a newspaper for 50 minutes per day?

Sabatini is approaching close to 5,000 friends and over 1,800 followers on Facebook. That’s a lot of potential voters and campaign workers. A peak at the other Eustis City Commissioners pages (the few I could find) had a total of around 500 between all of them. The only posts I could find were ones in which they felt the need to defend themselves.

Social Media is here to stay, some use it to bash and bully as they feel it is safer than a Face to Face confrontation. Then there are those like Mr. Anthony Sabatini that use it to interact with all citizens no matter what their political beliefs or associations. He simply speaks openly, something I personally think more politicians should be doing. When it comes time to vote do you want to know what the person stands for? Or would you rather vote for an individual who hides behind a desk, never speaking to the citizens they were elected to serve.