Quote from Click Orlando News, 2.16.18

Protect Our 2nd Amendment:

Anthony will never turn his back on our fundamental rights. As a lifetime NRA member and Infantry Officer for the Florida Army National Guard, Anthony has seen firsthand how essential firearms can be for our protection and safety. That’s why he is devoted to promoting and protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms, and he has the record to prove it.

  • Fought to allow city workers the permission to carry a firearm on them during work hours with a concealed weapons license
  • Pushed local efforts for a school safety program which would allow specially trained school employees to access firearms on campus during emergencies
  • Amended Eustis’ prejudicial vendor application to allow firearm displays and sales at city sponsored events


Quote from Central Florida Post, 1.17.18

Cut Burdensome Taxes

Anthony opposes wasteful government spending and will fight to keep them out of our wallets! He puts our interests first and is dedicated to seeing Floridians flourish by saving their hard-earned cash. Anthony is a true fiscal conservative with a vision to reduce expenses that will lower local and state taxes.

  • Eliminate red light cameras in our state, a failed program and wasteful expense for taxpayers
  • Anthony has pledged to never take part in the Florida Retirement System as an elected official


Accountability and Transparency

Anthony Sabatini has a proven track record as a conservative who has fought for accountability and transparency on the city government level. His opponents have no such record. Anthony frequently responds to public comments and participates in discussions about local policy. He believes that the role of the government is to serve the people, not its own interests.

  • Supported the freedoms of property owners on numerous occasions
  • Fought increased spending that would harm the city budget

“We need authentic leaders who are not afraid to take on the establishment. No more career politicians.”
– Anthony Sabatini, Central Florida Post, 01.17.2018


Fight For American Values

Anthony is devoted to serving our interests, not politicians. Raised as a devoted Christian, Anthony is 100% pro-life. And as a conservative, he is on the frontline to defend our traditional values across Florida. Anthony will promote the rights granted under the First Amendment to protect religious liberty and free speech at all costs.

  • Advocated to allow prayer at the beginning of city commission meetings
  • Supported the initiative for colleges to allow free speech campus wide and eliminate designated “free-speech zones”

“We need to restore universities as places for rational dialogue and diverse political expression—not liberal indoctrination and censorship of traditional American beliefs.”
– Anthony Sabatini